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Conference Sessions 2019

International Museum Membership Conference
Paris, France October 27-29, 2019
Opening Dinner: Sunday, October 27
18:15-18:45   Pick up registration badge and start leaving for boat     dock near Louvre Museum
19:00-19:20   Start boarding boat for Dinner Cruise
19:30   Dinner boat leaves from dock near Louvre Museum, between Pont du Carrousel and Pont Royal
Day 1 - Monday, October 28
Paris Marriott Opera Ambassador Hotel
8:45-9:00         Opening Remarks
                        Gina Tan, Tangible Strategies (Conference Organizer)
                        John Perell, Smithsonian Institution (Board Chair)
                        Denis Bourmault, Eudonet (Conference Sponsor)
Get members who give again and again and again
Monthly members are critical to many museums because they provide reliable funding at a lower cost. But how do you keep tabs on your monthly members and make sure they will keep giving? This session will present best practices for what successful museum membership programs are doing to recruit-and keep-their monthly members.
  • Learn what metrics you should be tracking to monitor the health of your sustainer program
  • Get a gut check on best practices for sustainer programs from acquisition to retention and the stewardship and upgrading that should be happening in between.
  • See examples of multi-channel conversion campaigns to capture monthly donors

David Saunders, National Museum of the American Indian
Kevin Thomas, National Museum of African American History and Culture
Alison Porter, Avalon
Keep Them Moving! Member and Donor Upgrade Strategies
For the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, overseeing 35,000 member households is a cross-departmental effort. We'll talk about how the Development and Marketing teams work together on retention efforts, with a special focus on upward movement. We'll also talk about how we’ve seen significant growth in member to donor upgrade revenue by testing new products, introducing new benefits, and using highly-segmented strategies with a mix of 1:1 and automated communications.
Erika Howse, Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
Lindsay Gramlich, Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Using a CRM to recruit members and retain their loyalty
An effective CRM is a crucial tool for a successful membership program. Eudonet CRM have been specialists in providing membership and patronage management solutions to the culture sector for the last 20 years. Using this experience, their software meets the unique challenges facing cultural institutions on both sides of the Atlantic: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, The Paris Philharmonic, le Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, to name but a few. Denis Bourmault will present case studies of their museum clients recruiting and engaging members from ticket purchase to patronage. Jean-Sébastien Belanger, Head of Membership and Customer Service at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, joins us and shares his experiences as a Eudonet client.
Jean-Sébastien Belanger, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Denis Bourmault, Eudonet
Maximize Your Mid-Level Strategy   
Go the extra mile to acquire and cultivate your mid-level donors—and it will be well worth the effort!  In this session, we’ll cover how to:  how to design multi-channel cultivation and education strategies that will compel these donors to step up their giving. Plus, we’ll show you how to get more from your data, while building a file of committed, higher-dollar donors and increasing your return on investment.
  • Learn how to understand your data to better target your Mid-level program 
  • See how data visualization can cut through the clutter and make information digestible and impactful.
  • See examples of cost-effective digital and mail campaigns to acquire and cultivate mid-level donors

Elizabeth Wilson, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
John Perell, Smithsonian Institution
Kerri Kerr, Avalon Consulting Group
12:55-13:55     Lunch
Market Trends in Membership
Successful membership programs understand the market trends that affect their performance. This broad and comprehensive view will provide specifics on how the world is changing and its relevance to membership fundraising.
Topics will include important business and societal trends, giving status for arts and culture, demographics and charitable behavior of different generational groups, consumer behavior, social media, and will also encompass research of nonprofit organizations’ program results undertaken by professional organizations (such as AFP) along with hot topics and their relevance to membership. We’ll provide hands-on information to help you understand how these market trends can be leveraged to strengthen your membership program for 2020.
Mae Daniller, Daniller + Company
Membership Events: designing for engagement and financial sustainability
Learn about how the British Museum created a membership event programme that increased income and overall member engagement. Based on her own experience taking the membership events programme at the British Museum from 17 to over 100 events per year (delivered by a team of just two staff), Claire will explore how to use feedback, competitor research and ongoing reviews to optimise an event programme and create new event formats.
Claire Byfield, British Museum
Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone: Leveraging Momentum to Innovate Your Conversion & Engagement Strategy
Not-for-profit organizations are challenged to continuously be mission driven while strive to be bold and dare we say creative.  Learn how the #InfinityAGO Crowdfunding Campaign helped the AGO build their brand, engage with new audiences, test a new fundraising technique, measured affinity, increased the culture of philanthropy…oh and raised money to buy artwork – a Kusama Infinity Mirrored Room.  Discover how the Membership team led the way by leveraging member engagement and loyalty!  In this session, you will hear about the journey that shaped the strategy build, marketing approach and execution to achieve extremely ambitious goals.  You will also get tactical insights on what worked well, what the AGO learned and what next for Membership and the organization.
The ICA Boston’s multi-channel marketing strategy positioned the museum to take full advantage of exceptional institutional moments—the opening of a new satellite space and a popular exhibition—to achieve the highest membership revenue in the history of the museum. Discover what the ICA learned in developing this marketing strategy and how they refined it even further in preparation of an unprecedented membership acquisition opportunity: the opening of a Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror Room. This session will also offer insight into the ICA’s funnel approach to digital marketing, with segmented communications for each audience type; bold acquisition strategies; and a unique approach to membership retention, renewal, and engagement.
Nympha Patel, Art Gallery of Ontario
Chris Hoodlet, ICA Boston
Colette Randall, ICA Boston
18:00-21:00     Evening Reception and Museum Visit, Centre Pompidou
Day 2 - Tuesday, October 29
Musee national Picasso-Paris
8:45-8:55         Conference note/remarks
                        Gina Tan, Tangible Strategies (Conference Organizer)
                        John Perell, Smithsonian Institution (Board Chair)
A Master as Members Magnet
How Rembrandt and “Operation Night Watch” have boosted the Rijksmuseum Friends’ numbers and additional giving

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam marks the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt’s death in 2019 with ‘Year of Rembrandt’. Three major exhibitions have been planned throughout this year to celebrate Rembrandt: in spring, the museum presented the public with all the nearly 400 works of Rembrandt that its collection holds; during the summer, the Rijks has offered its exhibition wing to amateur as well as professional artists to present their work inspired by Rembrandt and during the fall, Rembrandt will be on show in international context, next to master pieces of the Spanish Golden Age in close cooperation with Museum del Prado. How were these exhibitions used to increase the membership base?

Another major event in honor of Rembrandt is the current, public restoration of the Night Watch, titled Operation Night Watch. The necessary 3 million euros to finance its research phase, were raised thanks to long term relationships with major benefactors as well as members.

The Rijksmuseum’s Friends program has built this year’s calendar entirely around Rembrandt and it has boosted the numbers tremendously. Koen van Santen, Head of Membership at the Rijksmuseum, talks about how the museum’s trademark artist and art work have proven to be true member magnets.

Koen Van Santen, Rijksmuseum
Panel Discussion on Member Rooms
This session features a panel discussion representing London's largest cultural institutions will address the pros and cons of having a space dedicated for members-only. Topics will include:

  • Designing & building a space dedicated to your Members
  • Room with a view? Where to locate your Members' Room
  • Usage - mixed use/ restaurant/ café/ club house
  • How to maximise income from the space
  • Relationship with catering
  • Data numbers and effect on recruitment and retention

James Beardsworth-Shaw, National Gallery, London
Frances Craven, National Gallery, London
Sian Hoggett, British Museum
Ivi Varda, Victoria & Albert Museum
Digital Ads for Membership Should Not Be Optional
What does it take to run an always-on ads program? Is it worth it? Ongoing, institutional investment in digital ads has paid off in membership growth for many organizations. Ads expertise is becoming more like a need than a want for non-profits who seek to diversify their acquisition streams. Find out what nonprofits are investing in ads and how they're paying off with a sneak peek at M+R's 2019 Benchmarks Study before it is released to the public! M+R builds sustainable, ongoing advertising to complement and develop membership programs. Together with the American Museum of Natural History, we will walk through how to create a media plan for long-term growth (to cover what you should spend on first and how much you can scale), and for specific exhibitions to maximize membership opportunities. We'll also cover the basics of reporting (including the dreaded attribution), and finding and reaching your most valuable audiences with lots of winning examples!
Louise Adler, American Museum of Natural History
Yoon Lee, M+R
12:15-13:35 Lunch and museum visit
Member Experience: Loyalty and the Future of Engagement
This session panel is a dialogue between initiatives on both sides of Atlantic to meet the challenges of membership in an increasingly competitive world. Keeping up with technology is a challenge, and we will discuss how museums are integrating technology with customer service to create successful membership programs that address an increasing demand for engaging millennials and new audiences. The panel speakers will present case studies and best practices in the conduct of experiments that will create the membership of tomorrow.
Veronique Paintrand, Centre Pompidou
Shelley Wood, Commonwealth Club
Dan Sullivan, Cuseum
Surviving and Thriving in the Midst of Major Change
The only constant in life is change so it’s best to be prepared! We all need to help our teams, our donors and ourselves deal with uncertainty in order for our programs to thrive. This session will use three case studies to explore ways to navigate major organizational changes. We’ll discuss tools and techniques to keep yourself sane when you’re thrown into a leadership role in the interim, to create cohesion in a team that has faced repeated change with no end in sight and to build your membership program when you have a re-opened building, a new director and a new organizational focus.  

Jennifer Thomas, Saint Louis Art Museum
Cari Maslow, Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh
Rachelle Giard, Smithsonian American Art Museum and Renwick Gallery
Audience participation and membership engagement: the new levers of loyalty
This session will feature presentations from the Centre Pompidou and the Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal that will discuss the launch of their innovative new initiatives designed to maximize member engagement and loyalty.
The membership program POP’
Two years ago, the Centre Pompidou launched its new membership program. Focused on the participatory and the experiential, the POP' program offers members to take part in the creation and participate in many artistic ways (performances, workshops, meetings with artists ...).
Love of Fine Arts campaign
In order to counter the decline in membership due to fewer mass-audience programming, the Museum of Fine Arts Montreal launched L'Amour des beaux-arts campaign in October 2018 in an effort to increase the number of members and overall attendance, raise their commitment and indirectly, the conversion and renewal rate. 
Cécile Garreau de Loubresse, Centre Pompidou
Jean-Sébastien Bélanger, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

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